Renegade Doctor & 15 year belly fat specialist issues
an urgent health warning for men and women 35-65…

Today you have a 93.5% chance of NEVER being free from
your ugly, toxic belly fat,
until the day you die.

But one maverick Doctor in St. Louis, MO would like to free you from that destiny.

And even though he’s reporting amazing success
blasting stubborn body fat off his patients
in record time…

[see the 20+ video case studies on this page]

… He’s MAD AS HELL Because
You’ve Been Taken Advantage Of, Ripped Off,
And Lied To By The Weight-Loss Industry For Years!

Date: [current-date]

From: Dr. Raj Banerjee – St. Louis, MO

RE: Men and women 35-65 who are sick-to-death of feeling over fat, emotionally drained and completely exhausted all the time.

Dear Frustrated Health Seeker,

Dr. Raj Banerjee here.

You’ve been lied to for most of your adult life and today, right here, right now…

I’m gonna arm you with the truth about how
you can FINALLY take back your health
and start living life again!

But first…

I want to ask you a few vitally important questions:

Are you sick and tired of feeling
by your aching, broken-down, over-fat body?

Are you at your wits end
not just tired, but exhausted all the time?

Have you given-up hope you’ll ever get back to looking AND feeling even normal again?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, then…

This might be the most important letter
you read all year.

You see, every week, for the last 15 years, I treat upwards of 3 dozen women [in my Health & Wellness Clinic] who feel exactly like you do…

… tired, irritable, frustrated, hopeless,
over-fat, sick, overwhelmed and defeated.

And there are MILLIONS more women [like you] who want to:

  • Easily blast through stubborn belly-fat [like slicing through cold butter with a hot knife]…
  • Lose unwanted weight, and keep it off, permanently
  • Fall asleep quicker, stay asleep longer [without waking up in the middle of the night] and wake up refreshed…
  • Restore the lost energy of their youth, so they can finally wear out their energetic friends, kids, or grandkids for a change
  • Effectively and properly control blood sugar [glucose] levels…
  • Be in a better mood, and finally conquer depression and/ or anxiety
  • Long-Termly regulate their estrogen so they can finally act like a sane person again [instead of the crazy lunatic people avoid like the plague]…
  • Get rid of awful pain and inflammation in their body…
  • See health benefits much more quickly [including weight loss and feeling better]…
  • Stop spending so much money on expensive supplements and prescriptions
  • Find an eating plan that’s enjoyable and easy to stick with [one that doesn’t bore you to tears after a week]…
  • Be more active and enjoy more time outdoors
  • Fit into smaller, sexier clothes…
  • Have more radiant and healthy hair, skin, and nails
  • Get off as many medications as possible…
  • Re-ignite their lost libido [and have passionate sex again]…
  • Have your lab tests explained to you in a way you can easily understand…
  • Have unshakable confidence in how young they look and feel.
  • Be healthy in every sense of the word!

How long have you tried [in vain] to lose your ugly belly fat?

Aren’t you sick and tired of being confused about how to finally get control of your failing health?

Have you just about given up hope you can live life with excitement and vitality again?

That said, let me pose a question:

Is ‘feel-great’ health REALLY
too much to ask?

Is it too much to ask to want to be healthy enough and feel good enough to truly [and finally] enjoy your life and maybe even feel normal again?

Well, let me tell you, it’s not.

Meet Tina and Mike.

They came to me on the verge of COMPLETELY giving up on themselves, but as you’ll see, that’s the exact opposite of what happened:

What I want you to understand, you’re NOT alone.

Not even a little bit.

And if you’ve tried everything under the sun to shed the excess weight, avoid chronic illness, get healthy, and feel ‘normal’ again…

…but it’s just not happening.

I get it, and…

It’s not your fault.

Let me tell you why…

For most of your adult life you’ve
been lied to

It’s true.

And by the very people you THOUGHT you could trust.

People you thought were looking out for your health and wellness.

But the cold stark reality is, they’re only looking out for number one. While treating YOU like #2.

This includes most…

  • Doctors…
  • Nutritionists…
  • Surgeons…
  • Trainers…
  • Nurses…
  • Health coaches…
  • Exercise guru’s…
  • Supplement retailers…
  • And on and on…

And truthfully, these clueless health professionals, fitness experts clowns and their 2 tons of weight equipment, stacks of prescription pads, infomercial ‘products-of-the-moment’…

… and all the gimmicky ‘magic pill & potion’ peddlers you see on TV…

They ALL have one thing in common…

they couldn’t care less about helping you reclaim your life and lost vitality to reach your most important health goals.


The ONLY thing these shameless bastards care about is stuffing their pockets with as much of
your hard earned cash as humanly possible

It’s disgusting, and it pisses me off to no end, but it’s 100% true.

And I can speak with authority here. From personal experience, in the deepest sense possible.

Because not too long ago…

I watched my Aunt die a slow painful death,
AND saw my mom get sick & suffer
through years of hell-on-earth

It ripped my heart to pieces and devastated our family.

And it had a profound, long-lasting impact on me.

I couldn’t believe it.

I just assumed these medical Doctors, surgeons, nurses, and nutritionists knew what the hell they were doing.

My God, was I wrong!

Because if they knew what they were doing, wouldn’t my Aunt still be alive today?

I’d like to believe she would be.


As gut-wrenching as it was, this was EXACTLY the wake-up call I desperately needed. It was a kick-in-the-face. And it opened my eyes wide.


Because from that moment on I realized:

You can’t put your trust in our rusted,
broken-down disease management system

And I became totally obsessed with learning everything I could about how I can REALLY solve your biggest health challenges.

And the dream took root in my heart & soul

…that someday I’d earn my living and make a real difference in peoples’ lives, by helping them get and STAY healthy, once and for all.

And thankfully, that’s exactly what I get to do every day in my Health & Wellness Clinic, here in St. Louis, MO.

In fact…

I’ve been delivering mind-blowing
and rapid-fire health successes for my patients for the last 15 years.


Here are a few more of the real-world results I craft:

Even though…

I engineer fantastic, [often]
life-changing results for my patients

…I NEVER want you or your Loved ones to experience the life-shattering illnesses my Aunt and mom went through.

I’m serious!

It was horrible. Just awful.

And it STILL pisses me off to this day that…

The Doctors and Medical Professionals
who treated my family
HAD NO CLUE how to reverse illness

All they did, was treat the symptoms with drugs.

Because honestly, that’s all they’re taught to do.

Drugs for this symptom, drugs for that symptom, drugs to counteract the side effects of other drugs…

Drugs, drugs, drugs.

I’m starting to feel sick to my stomach.

You’d understand why, if you saw how many drugs my patients are on when they come in for an Evaluation.

It’d make your head spin!

And I’m DONE with it. To say…

I’M BEYOND FED UP with the medical establishment
shoveling pills down my patients’ throats…

… would be the understatement of the century.

Drugs didn’t heal or save my aunt and there’s a good chance they won’t do much, if anything, for you either.

And I’m sick to death that these so called “medical professionals” [yes, even YOUR Doctor], continue to make DRUG Companies RICH BEYOND BELIEF.

Think about it…

Do you ever wonder why your Doctor only spends an average of 10 minutes with you, even though you waited for what seemed like an eternity?

Give up?

Here’s why…

Your Doctor is a LEGAL drug pusher

Now that may be a bold statement, but it’s 100% true.

The reality is, the more patients he or she sees and the more prescriptions they write, the more money their medical practice makes!

Spending 10 short minutes with a patient, making a ‘diagnosis’, and writing a prescription is the ‘norm’ today.

And what’s more, most patients have come to expect [and even crave], a quick fix prescription.

Instead of looking to find the root of the problem, so your body can do what it was designed to do [you know, heal itself]…

Most Doctors give you the once over for a few seconds, then write you a prescription

And what do they say [to comfort you] if the drug(s) don’t work?

Yep, you guessed it.

Come on back [for another 10 minute visit, you’ll wait 2 hours for] and they’ll write you a script for some more, maybe even different drugs!

Hip, hip, hooray, right?


So stop thinking that Doctors cure disease. They don’t, they’re only trained to manage disease through drugs, surgery and very little else.

Doctors don’t cure disease.

They RARELY [if ever] focus on root problems.

And they treat your symptoms with harmful drugs

But who’s to blame?

Big Pharma?


Your Doctor[s]?

Yes again.



And I find it incredibly sad that…

The drug companies are laughing

… while good people like you
get sicker and sicker!

It’s an epidemic.

But how do we stop it?

The only way you fight a behemoth like Big Pharma is through education.

By teaching you the right way to get healthy so you can [not only] lose your ugly body fat, but also reverse disease by letting your body heal itself.

But it’s NOT easy to get this powerful message through to the masses.

There are literally thousands of diet &
exercise programs, pills, books, gadgets and fads

But which one do you choose? How do you know what will work for you?

My patients come to me, totally confused and frustrated, asking the same questions.

They tell me they’re following this eating plan or that exercise plan, but it’s just not working for them.

And no wonder.

It’s amazing how many diets, eating plans, exercise programs and weight loss gizmos are on the market these days:

  • Jenny Craig™
  • Nutri-System™
  • Weight Watchers™
  • The Zone Diet™
  • The Adkins Diet™
  • Paleo
  • Low Calorie Diets
  • High Carb Diets
  • Intermittent fasting
  • The Ab Circle™
  • The Shake Weight™
  • Vibration Belts
  • The Ab Rocket™
  • The ThighMaster™
  • Toning Shoes
  • 8 Minute Abs™
  • Sauna Suits
  • BowFlex™
  • TAE BO™
  • Body by Jake – Bun and Thigh Rocker™
  • Aerobics classes or videos
  • Circuit training
  • Yoga
  • Walking on a treadmill
  • Jogging/ running
  • The Ab Roller™
  • Nintendo Wii Fit™
  • Fitness Boot camps
  • Pilates
  • NordicTrack™
  • Personal training
  • Cleansing/ Juicing
  • Medicine balls
  • Spinning classes
  • Bike riding
  • Roller skating
  • Diet pills

I never blame my patients [and I certainly won’t blame you] if you’re confused about what works or if you’ve tried and failed at any of the above, in the past.

It’s NOT your fault.

And it doesn’t matter how many doctors you’ve seen,
how many diets you’ve tried, or how many fitness fads you’ve been a victim of in the past.

None of that matters.

Because I want to lead you to the light. I want to show you the truth.

I want to share what I’ve learned so you can finally…

Discover what’s REALLY working behind the closed doors of an ELITE Health and Wellness Clinic
to melt your fat, look good and feel great!

What I’m going to share with you here may shock you to your core.

And honestly, I hope it does. I pray it opens your eyes enough, so you NEVER get taken advantage of again.

Losing ugly body fat, is the by-product of good health.

I know it sounds kind of crazy.

But I swear, it’s the Gospel truth.

Let me say it another way.

Your fat will start melting off
when you [and your cells] are healthy!

You DON’T get healthy by losing weight.

Again, losing stubborn body fat is the byproduct of cellular health.

But most people [including most medical professionals], have it completely backwards.

They think, “I have to lose some weight so I can be healthier, so I can feel better, so my mood is improved, so I can better manage my blood sugar.”

I ALWAYS educate my patients to focus on getting healthy FIRST.

And [as a result] they’re usually quite surprised by how fast they lose that extra weight and stubborn belly-fat!

Because when you focus on giving the body what it needs to heal itself…

You can experience AMAZING life-changing results

And as you can see for yourself, there’s NO THEORY here.

Uunlike most fitness gurus, weight loss experts and 99.9% of medical professionals…

I know what I’m talking about.

I help my patients get healthy from the inside-out.

And because of that:

The fat literally melts off my patients,
in RECORD time

Because this is what I do all day, every day.

And this is what I’ve done all day, everyday [here in my Health & Wellness clinic] for over 15 years.

I can help you…

Take control of your health, starting now…

…you can heal your sick, tired,
broken-down, over-fat body

If you feel trapped and hopeless…

If you’re at your wits end and feel exhausted all the time

Or if you’ve given-up hope that you’ll ever get back to looking AND feeling even ‘normal’ again…

… the good news is this…

You’re only one small, yet powerful decision away
from changing your life FOREVER

Listen, you’re NOT sick, or fat because you decided to be.


It’s NOT your fault.

You’re fat, sick and miserable
because of science and technology.


Let me explain.

There was a time, long ago, in human history when the need to lose weight was completely unheard of.

People ate well, but they also worked hard [physically] all day long. They woke up early in the morning and put in a long, hard day’s work.

And this work was mostly physical labor. People worked the fields digging, sowing, and harvesting. They tilled the soil, and rode horses working on farms and ranches.

Life was tough and you had to
physically work hard to survive

Therefore they could eat almost anything they wanted, and in whatever quantities they wanted, without worrying the least bit about gaining weight.

But that was ages ago. Today, the world is a much different place.

Lifestyles have changed dramatically and the comforts of modern technology have made our lives easy.

As a result, the state of physical well-being has really changed. Most of us have sedentary jobs that demand little or no exercise at all.

To put it simply…

Today, things have become too damn easy

And as you can imagine, weight gain has become a major concern for almost everyone living in the city.

When we’re young, weight is almost never a concern. Kids barely eat anything anyway, so weight problems don’t affect them all that much.

But at some point in your twenties, you start seeing signs of weight gain in all the wrong places.

And as everybody knows…

Left unchecked, those extra pounds
spell major life-threatening illnesses

Which is why people, the world over, are switching to healthier life-styles in hopes of permanently banishing ugly body fat.

It’s not about the hour glass figure or having a ripped, perfectly sculpted and toned body.

It’s about learning how to…

Finally get healthy and
guarantee a long, disease-free life


It’s what we all want.

And as you can see from the video case studies on this page, I deliver massive results for nearly all of my patients.

And now, I want to help you too.

If you’re a woman 35-65 and are fed up with feeling fat, sick and exhausted, here’s

The secret to long-term health
and permanent fat loss…

Please pay close attention here.

Because I don’t want you to miss it.

This could be life changing information for you.

I want to show you WHY you’re not getting healthier or feeling any better, why you’re so tired, and why you’ve been struggling in vain to lose your ugly, body-fat.

Because once you understand that, you’ll almost instantly understand WHAT you can do to help get RID of those symptoms by addressing their root cause.

And you won’t ever be completely healthy again, until you…

Fix your thyroid NOW


Your thyroid.

Fix it and you can immediately stop your downward spiral of poor health and weight gain.

But did you know?…

Hypothyroidism is one of the most deadly, silent killers. But most doctors miss it completely.


Because people go to their doctor with all these nagging symptoms. And the doc comes back and says: “your lab tests are normal”.

As you sit staring in amazement thinking, “No, everything is NOT fine”…

The root cause goes undiagnosed and untreated.

Especially if you don’t tell your Doctor the specific tests you need done, to rule out hypothyroidism.

You MUST do this ASAP, because…

The health of your thyroid is
the most important [but often neglected] factor
in your overall health

… and an un-healthy thyroid plays a direct role in the development heart disease, cancer, and so many major diseases today.

Did you know that?

It’s true.

And did you know?

Depending on who you ask you have anywhere from between 15 trillion to 100 trillion cells in your body.

That’s a crazy number!

Anyway, I mention this because…

Every single one of the 15 trillion plus cells in
your body is dependent on thyroid hormone so
they can produce energy and function properly

And when you become hypothyroid, you don’t get the thyroid hormone you need to your cells to keep them happy, it can have an extremely adverse effect on every cell, tissue, organ, and system in your entire body.

And I bet you don’t realize it but…

…you’re killing you’re thyroid every single day by:

  • Eating the wrong kinds of foods. Foods that you believe to be healthy but are toxic to your thyroid
  • Ignoring vital nutrients that are pre-cursors for your thyroid and metabolism to be healthy…
  • Shutting down your hormone feedback cycles
  • Perpetuating hormonal imbalances that spiral your body into burnout and chronic fatigue…
  • Using dangerous drugs and supplements that are full of excipient products and fillers

Like you, most of my patients had no idea they were killing their thyroid.

And even fewer knew how bad their thyroid health really was.

They were ignorant to the fact that their thyroid was keeping them sick, fat, and exhausted.

And there’s a good chance your thyroid has been damaged as well.

The good news is: It CAN be fixed.

You overcome hypothyroidism
by correcting the root cause of it, and…

… I’ll teach you to do it naturally, with
NO DRUGS or nasty side effects

And I’ll show you how, step-by-step, just like I did with Vera and Aldala:

As you can imagine, my patients are thrilled when they experience powerful life changing results so quickly.

And to be honest, their results are what get me out of bed in the morning!

But what I’m even more jazzed about is this …

For the first time in over 15 years of practice,

You DON’T have to spend thousands of dollars
OR become one of my elite private patients to
experience the life-changing results my
Health & Wellness Clinic can provide.

No, all you have to do is follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Listen to what I tell you to do…
  2. Do it…
  3. And do it consistently.

That’s it.

Easy, right?

Well, it’s easier than being sick and miserable for the rest of your life! Right?

Here’s what this isn’t…

This isn’t some hard to follow eating plan.

Or a ridiculous, trendy, fad diet.

Or an ultra-intense workout-till-you-puke-and-can-barely-walk exercise routine.


In fact, it’s what I advise ALL my patients here at the clinic:

Let’s start by fixing your thyroid FIRST!

Because when you do, you’ll give your body exactly what it needs to heal itself, so you can feel better than you have in ages. Imagine that?

That said…

I’m excited to introduce you to:

A Modern Woman’s Guide To
Long-Term Health And
Permanent Fat Loss”

Inside “THE HEALTHY HAPPY THYROID” I reveal some of my best-kept secrets that have taken me well over 20 years of study, research, and hands-on clinical testing [in my own Health & Wellness Clinic] to perfect.

Here’s just a small sampling of what you’ll discover inside “THE HEALTHY HAPPY THYROID”:

  • Step by step video presentation of what you need to implement right away…
  • Discover the real cause of thyroid disease and Hashimoto’s auto-immune disease…
  • 3 major factors that’s causing your thyroid to malfunction…
  • The 3 levels of health and which level is the most important (this is being missed by your doctors)…
  • The different stressors that trigger thyroid disease…. And what to do about it…
  • The 3 major systems of your body. Hint: they have to function together as a whole for your thyroid to work properly…
  • Why no two thyroid patients are the same, (understanding the bucket theory)
  • Abnormal nitric oxide production is deadly. Learn where it comes from, how to stop it and reverse it…
  • What the mother-load of all anti-oxidants is and where to find the best source…
  • How to heal yourself at the cellular level. NOTE: This is the only way to re-gain your health…
  • What to look for in supplements (some nutritional supplements can damage your thyroid)…
  • The process that turns gene expression on or off – use this repair damage DNA and down regulate autoimmune issues…
  • Learn my exact [Dr. Banerjee’s] Food Protocol to heal your thyroid…
  • The 5 foods to avoid to help your thyroid…
  • The 4 week nutritional protocol that I use on real patients to get quick lasting results…
  • How to clean your liver, GI-system and balance your hormones naturally. (Without taking bio-identical hormones)…
  • The exact laboratory test you HAVE to get to discover the true picture of your health. Don’t leave any stones unturned…
  • The best nutritional supplements to help speed up the healing process…
  • The best food based supplement alternatives for delivering the most important nutrients for your thyroid…
  • Exactly how to use the 3 key nutrients necessary to reset the negative hormonal cycles punishing your thyroid…

And that’s just the beginning…

There’s much more I want to share with you about how to reclaim your health.

And what’s more, using my treatments can save you a small fortune on medical bills and can keep you away from dangerous (often unnecessary) drugs and surgeries.

That’s why I could sell this Audio program by itself, and earn a good living.

Today I’m sending it to you FREE.

Protect Your Health NOW –
Request Your FREE Copy of:

A Modern Woman’s Guide To
Long-Term Health And
Permanent Fat Loss”

Inside, you’ll find some of the very simple, safe, natural treatments I’ve used with patients [for over 15 years], so their bodies heal themselves.

My safe, natural treatments
have been clinically proven to work

But you get to use them today, without having to visit my clinic, spending thousands on travel, hotels and treatment.

You get to do it all [very affordably], from the comfort of your own home. And the best part?

Once you learn how to help your body heal itself…

Nobody can EVER take that knowledge away from you. EVER!

I have soo much to share with you…

Things I’ve learned in practice from over
15 years of hands-on clinical research,
working with some truly amazing patients

I’ll be sharing my natural treatments, my health protocols and even some hush-hush secrets.

Secrets I swore I’d take to my grave

But recently, I’ve had a change of heart and want to share what I’ve learned with you.

That’s why I’m extending an invitation to you to join a select group of women, who want to learn my proven secrets to take better care of their health and restore the lost vitality they once had.

I call this new, select, members only program:

Maverick Health Cures™
FORCING Your Body To Heal Itself

The Maverick Health Cures™ membership is a behind-the-scenes-look at what’s working in real life, with real people, to force the body to heal itself.

What you’ll learn inside of your Maverick Health Cures™ membership can work like gangbusters, and maybe even change your life, IF you apply it.

How do I know?

Well, it’s NOT a guess. Far from it.

I know because ALL the content inside Maverick Health Cures™ comes straight from my many successes working with patients, who do what I tell them to do.

NOTE: I can’t help the people who won’t listen.

Take a few minutes and watch some of the video case studies on this page.

Can I guarantee you’ll see similar results?


And I can’t promise you’ll be cured
of anything either.

The FDA would shut me down IMMEDIATELY if they got wind of that.

But here’s what I can tell you: I’ve been helping people just like you, solve their most urgent health challenges for over 15 years…

… because when you give the body EXACTLY what it needs, it can heal itself, like it was designed to do.


You CAN take control of your health, starting now…

… you CAN heal your sick, tired, broken-down,
over-fat body.

Even if you feel trapped and hopeless.

And I’m 100% sure of it. There’s no doubt in my mind.

Especially if you follow my treatments and protocols to the letter.

The sad thing is, up until now, I’ve been way too busy and haven’t had a way to tell the masses about my Maverick Health Cures™. 

For years, I desperately wanted to get the word out about the AMAZING RESULTS my patients are getting.

I wanted to find a way to share my life changing Health & Wellness knowledge outside of my practice here in St. Louis.

I wanted to figure out a way to share what I know with the world and do it in a way that they’d see massive results, just like my patients do.

So I thought about starting an email/ physical newsletter. But to help you in any significant way, each issue would have to be REALLY long.

And because I’m still running my full-time practice, I just don’t have the extra time that would take.

So after much brainstorming, what I decided to do is put together an online portal of my best maverick health cures.

So in a nutshell, that’s how Maverick Health Cureswas born.

What is Maverick Health Cures™?

Maverick Health Cures™ is a virtual online health portal of my best hand-selected protocols.

The EXACT protocols I use EVERYDAY with my $5,000.00+ private clients, to help them look better, feel better and BE better in almost every way imaginable.

Maverick Health Cures™ is your online accountability partner, by helping you…

 … stay on the cutting edge of long-term health
and permanent fat loss.

Not only will you learn what’s working right now…

Each and every month I’ll lift the veil off the lies, half-truths, myths and mis-information being spread by traditional medical professionals, fitness gurus, dieticians and of course Big Pharma.

You’ll enjoy private, INSTANT ACCESS to the unvarnished, unapologetic truth about getting AND staying healthy.

Inside Maverick Health Cures™…

You’ll NEVER hear any fluff.

And you’ll NEVER hear any theory.

Quite the opposite.

Like these patients, you’ll learn health breakthroughs you may never be exposed to otherwise:

As a Maverick Health Cures™ member, you’ll be my constant companion as you…

Discover the secrets I use daily
working on the front-lines with patients …

… helping them fine-tune their bodies to do the healing [without more drugs].

When you enroll today in Maverick Health Cures™, you’ll learn how to quickly engineer a plan so you can…

… get on the fast track to looking good, feeling great
and recovering your failing health
faster than you thought possible!

[NOTE: I see this ALL THE TIME in my practice and sometimes the changes happen so fast they even surprise me].

As a member of this select group of serious, committed health seekers, you’ll get new up-to-the-minute health breakthroughs, patient case-studies, and what’s working successfully in my Health & Wellness Clinic.


With every fiber in-my-being, I believe you can teach your body to heal itself. And I’d Love to be your guide.

Sharing with you how I’ve helped thousands of patients and their families heal themselves.

This powerful information inside your Maverick Health Curesmembership is reserved for the committed few who are 100% serious about improving their health dramatically.

So let me ask you…

What’s long-term health and wellness
worth to YOU?

What would it be worth to you…

If You Could Finally & Permanently

… Move Quickly Towards Long-term Health,
Look Better Than You Have In YEARS

… And Feel Like A Million Bucks


Would health like THAT be worth the price
of one Starbucks coffee every month?

I HOPE you said yes.

I really do.

Because if you didn’t, there’s not much I [or anyone else] can do for you.

And I wish you the best of luck with your health and your life.

Go back to surfing the web and complaining about your health and how awful you feel ALL THE TIME.

Thing is…

YOU have to want to get healthy! No one can force you to change a dang thing.

That said, I HAVE to ask…

Aren’t you sick and tired of feeling fat,
sick and tired ALL-THE-TIME?

If you are and if any of this resonates with you at all, then I encourage you to get started today.

Imagine what you could look and feel like 3-6 months from now when you consistently follow my proven health protocols.

In fact, you could have results like these:

In this letter I told you about my experience with “so called” medical professionals…

… and how there was NOTHING they could do to prevent my Aunt from dying or help my mom as she suffered for years…

… I told you about your Doctor and why you rarely get to see them for more than 10 minutes and why…

… I told you about Big Pharma and how they pull your Doctors strings [prescription pad] like a helpless puppet…

… I warned you about the thousands of diet &
exercise programs, pills, books, gadgets and fads out there…

… I helped you understand that you MUST get healthy first, BEFORE you can ever expect your ugly body fat to melt away into oblivion…

… I showed you how science and technology plays a huge role in why you’re fat, sick and miserable…

… I told you why the health of your thyroid is the #1 most important [but often neglected] factor in your overall health…

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When you subscribe to Maverick Health Cures – You get worldwide access to Dr. Raj’s digital monthly research report & wellness letter.

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A Modern Woman’s Guide ToLong-Term Health And PERMANENT Fat Loss

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Inside “THE HEALTHY HAPPY THYROID” Audio MP3, I reveal some of my best-kept secrets that have taken me well over 20 years of study, research, and hands-on clinical testing [in my own Health & Wellness Clinic] to perfect.

Here’s just a small sampling of what you’ll discover inside “THE HEALTHY HAPPY THYROID”:

  • Step by step video presentation of what you need to implement right away…
  • Discover the real cause of thyroid disease and Hashimoto’s auto-immune disease…
  • 3 major factors that’s causing your thyroid to malfunction…
  • The 3 levels of health and which level is the most important (this is being missed by your doctors)…
  • The different stressors that trigger thyroid disease…. And what to do about it…
  • The 3 major systems of your body. Hint: they have to function together as a whole for your thyroid to work properly…

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Maverick Health Cures™ Research Report #1:

Reversing the Aging Process Naturally

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Looking younger and living with greater vitality are just a few of the many things people crave as they age.

This report covers some of the most important things you can do immediately to thwart the aging process.

Maverick Health Cures™ Research Report #2:

CANCER: Are the Treatments Worth it?

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Cancer. The very word can send chills down your spine. And the thought of it taking over and invading your body is enough to crush your hopes and dreams.

This report covers the common and NOT so common treatments available to help exterminate this dreaded disease.

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Memory Breakthrough Secrets: How to Have a Better Memory a $29.00 value

Losing your memory is a frightening thing.  Surveys have been done that show the fear of memory loss overshadows the fear or cancer or heart disease in the opinion of most adults.

This report covers how to have a better memory and do everything you can to keep it.

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  • Maverick Health Cures™ Research Report #1: Reversing the Aging Process Naturally – a $39.95 value
  • Maverick Health Cures™ Research Report #2: CANCER: Are the Treatments Worth it? – a $39.95 value
  • Maverick Health Cures™ Research Report #3: Memory Breakthrough Secrets: How to Have a Better Memory Starting Today – a $39.95 value

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